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Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a research-based therapeutic method that measures observable behavior, analyzes its context and function, and applies a management solution for that behavior. In addition to addressing behavioral concerns, effective implementation of ABA also targets the acquisition of skill deficits.  This is done by introducing the desired skill as a series of small steps that are first mastered independently then are built back together into a complete sequence or skillset. By breaking down targeted skills into simple steps and using various combinations of prompting and reinforcement to assist in learning, ABA’s pedagogical methods help reduce frustration while promoting success in skill acquisition. 

Early detection makes a huge difference for your child with autism. The treatments make a bigger impact for the younger your child is, especially by the age of 18 months. However, treatment is for all ages and through ABA (Appied Behavior Analysis) we can reduce the disorder effects and teach your child to learn, mature, socialize, and have a better life while achieving their true potential.

Early Intervention

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